Tyrese Gibson Body Workout And Diet


Tyrese Gibson
Birthday :- December 30, 1978 , Watts , Los Angeles , California, USA

Birth Name :- Tyrese Darnell Gibson

Height :- 5 '11

Tyrese Gibson Born December 30, 1978 in Watts quarter , Los Angeles , California , the youngest of four children in his family, he and his brothers and sisters , was raised only by his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, after his father passed away in 1983.
Such multi- talented first gained national attention when he ran for the Coca -Cola television commercial campaign in 1995 as the new face of the year after winning a talent search organized by his company. Subsequently developed a successful modeling career , Tyrese apparently could spread its desire to develop a career in the music industry, a goal that had to achieve since he started singing at the age 14 years .


Tyrese Gibson  has found its roots in the early and hit the gym more than ever to fly the body 8 pack that he wears now .
Tyrese walked 5 miles a day and lunch menu changed regularly squid fried in a ball of tuna on lettuce .
Tyrese Gibson focuses on a workout routine with sets of decline.
For example, it would take 100 pounds of weight and exercise for 3 reps then down to 90 Pounds then 80 then 65 all the way to failure.
Tyrese always gives 100 percent and never stops on a workout .

Tyrese Gibson Body

According to an interview with the magazine Men's Health , Tyrese said: " When you step on the treadmill, make a commitment. And do not get off until you finish .
It does not matter how fast you go. Just do not go . You do not have to deal with all the people around , running around and doing their thing quickly .
Just do your thing . You work with them , as long as you do your own thing first .


But things are not super easy to Tyrese as a well balanced diet is also part of his healthy lifestyle and of great importance to the extent that his body shape will and Tyrese admits that part  is not that easy .
Tyrese says eating well is a challenge, but by the way it presents itself each time, we can say that he nailed this challenge .
Tyrese Gibsons  healthy diet consists of eating lean meals like baked chicken , fish, with a fresh salad. However, Tyrese admits that it is difficult to stay away from " gulity pleasures " such as sweets he said .

Tyrese Gibson Body Workout

"I love chocolate turtles .
They are my favorite. I like Kit Kat, Snickers . You know, these are the things that I have not supposed to eat , but here and there , I'll grab me and drag one or two .