Arjun Rampal Workout,Body,Diet


Name: Arjun Rampal

Birthday: The November 26, 1972.

Height : 6ft 2in

Marital Status: Arjun Rampal is married to model and former Miss India Mehr Jessia.The couple married in 1997.
 Has two daughters Maahika and Myra.

Price: The dark tall and handsome actor of Bollywood has bagged 10 awards and 14 nominations in this short period of time.


He was born  a mixture of culture. Arjun has a Ramgariha class Punjabi Sikh high background. He went to Kodaikanal International School with her sister in Tamil Nadu.
Arjun Rampal received his bachelor's degree in Economics from Hindu College in New Delhi.

It has not yet farewell to his filmograph and upcoming films include heroin, Ishq In Paris Chakravyuh. These films are hoping to hit the big screen this year.
The following year, coming soon are The Legend Of Kunal, Ajab Gajab Love Zanjeer.


There are training 5 days per week, which includes about 50 minutes of various cardio, 15 minutes on the treadmill to warm-up and then a specific body part.
He do two body parts per day: Safety back, back, triceps biceps or chest.

Arjun Rampal Body Diet

The training program was attended by more than 25 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes to calm down.
He always stretch before a workout and run much so that my heart rate accelerates.
This exercise lower back as warmed.
It will also do 20 seconds of a specific body part with 15 seconds of rest.
At the end it was close to 2000 sit ups and 40 pound dumbbells while hanging from a pull-up bar.


It is greedy and does not follow a strict diet.
It takes five meals a day. In his diet, it includes nuts such as walnuts and cashews munched on every now and then.
He also drinks a lot of water every day.

Arjun Rampal Body Workout

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat toast, a dozen egg whites and a protein shake.
Lunch: 2 roti with dal, tandoori chicken and whole wheat bread sandwiches.
Dinner: It avoid carbohydrates because after 10pm the digestive system shuts down.