Leonardo Dicaprio Body Workout And Diet Plan


Leonardo Dicaprio Birthday :- November 11, 1974 Hollywood, Los Angeles , California, USA

Birth Name :- Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Nickname :- Leo

                   Lenny D

Hight :- 6 '  

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor whose representation of condemned claiming Jack Dawson in Titanic  made ​​him the definition of a whole generation of an idol.  
Throughout his career, DiCaprio has demonstrated a high level of dramatic versatility , its role in the breakout film as a mentally challenged teenager in what is Gilbert Grape (1993), through his work with Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York and The Departed (2006). 
More recently, DiCaprio has received critical reviews for her roles in Christopher Nolan's Inception and J. Edgar (2011) , for which he received a Golden Globe nomination .


For the exercise routine Leonardo DiCaprio, he works with his personal trainer Gregory Joujon Roche .
For the launch of the film, where he was to play a rogue CEO type , he resolved to lose 30 pounds before filming even began .
DAY 1 :-He bench presses , straight bar curls and military besides the sets or repetitions presses.
DAY 2 :- He has toned his body and conditioning with rear dips at the end of the bed or dozens of coffee tables in their drive his triceps and upper back session. 
He also sit- ups and pull -ups. 
Leonardo DiCaprio does extreme workout and never gives up until the session high cardio workout is reached. 
Leonardo DiCaprio following a strict training and diet program routine. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Body

The workout consists essentially of an unlimited number of bench presses and military presses. 
 More repetitive bending numbers straight bars are made to maintain fitness . 
Better look for triceps and back of the upper part of the body is given by working with hollow rear parts .  
Legs and arm portions are attenuated in perfect working according exercises weight loss. 
He rest up and pull- ups are very important in the routine maintenance of the strength of the entire body.  


The diet varies with Leonardo DiCaprio movie roles , it will be . Most of the time , it adheres to organic food , which is to eat natural and organic meals that do not use any artificial sweeteners and other additives.
However, the regime Leonardo DiCaprio moves balanced diet when it is not filmed .  
This diet involves eating meals that contain the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins needed by the body to stay healthy and fit.  
It is also effective to lose or maintain weight .Thus, the list of food Leonardo DiCaprio consists mainly of natural materials.  

Leonardo Dicaprio Workout , Diet

Most of the food intake by the star includes organic food that has a high content of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals of the same type .  
Some of the major food diet contains a significant amount of fat , so it would be quite important for the adjustment of the entire body. 
 Leonardo DiCaprio avoids most of the food that consists of a large amount of calories in them.