Bradley Cooper Body Workout And Diet Secret


Bradley Cooper
Name :- Bradley Cooper

Birthday :- January 5, 1975 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, USA

Nickname :- coop

Height :- 6 '1

Bradley Cooper was born in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, the son of Gloria  and Charlie Cooper , who was a stockbroker .
He has a sister , Holly . Immediately after Bradley graduated from the honors English program at Georgetown University in 1997 , he moved to New York to enroll in the Master of Fine Arts at the School of Dramatic Art at the New Actors Studio School University.
There, he developed his stage work , culminating with his thesis performance as " John Merrick " in "The Elephant Man " by Bernard Pomerance , performed in the Circle of New York instead.
While still in school, Bradley began his professional career , appearing opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex and the City" (1998).


The training session was Bradley Cooper called 3-2-1 training.
Supposedly, Cooper correspond to three intervals of cardio intervals with 2 weights and a range of special basic training .
Each interval lasted 10 minutes, as there were six intervals , which added up to 60 minutes.
Workouts Bradley Cooper would often take two hours , which means six 10-minute intervals are often repeated .
Now , the frequency of these workouts was not mentioned, but by examining the intensity and longevity of the training session Bradley Cooper , the maximum frequency should be 3-5 times a week .

Bradley Cooper Body

3-2-1 Workout Bradley Cooper would have participated in :
  -Warm up
  -10 minutes of moderate cardio like rowing or running
  -15 minutes of weight training, compound movements like squats, rows, presses
  -10 minutes sprints or other high intensity cardio with rest after each sprint
  -10 minutes of weight training, compound movements like squats, rows, presses
  -15 minutes moderate to high intensity cardio
  -10 minutes of core / abdominal work


Diet of Bradley Cooper has been described by him as being devoid of sugar, flour and salt.
The reasoning behind the avoidance of alcohol was to make sure he was on time for the start of the morning workouts.
He consumed a high protein and low calorie diet . He hardly drinks water every day.
It has completely eliminated junk food from his diet . I

Bradley Cooper Workout Diet

t takes high-protein diet that includes egg whites , fruits , green vegetables , meat and fish.
It strictly eliminated alcohol from his diet to get up early in the morning.