Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Workout And Diet Plan


Name : Sonam Kapoor

Birthday : 9 June, 1985

Zodiac : Gemini

Marital status : Single

Price: Filmfare Best Female Debut Award


Sonam Kapoor Comes from film family. She is the daughter of actor and producer Anil Kapoor, son and grandson of filmmaker Surinder Kapoor. 
Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss
Sonam is Bollywood royalty with immense support in the brotherhood of Indian cinema.
Unlike most children of the stars, Sonam began his life with a formal education and a grounding in the process of film making. 
She graduated from the University in political science and economics.
Sonam Kapoor debuted with Saawariya (2007) alongside the male novice actor Ranbir Kapoor.


To maintain its slim and slender silhouette Sonam Kapoor trains for an hour each day. 
Sonams gymnastics routine consists mainly of cardiovascular exercises. 

Sonam Kapoor’s workout routine includes-

Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Workout
    -Sonam Kapoor focuses on a particular body part every day as the abdomen, waist, shoulders.

    -Sonam Begins his workout with jogging

    -She Does 25 minutes of cardio exercises after jogging

    -Sonams workout routine includes Cardio is followed by power yoga for four days and a few other dance
    - Also follows a weight training using light weights

    -In Summer she swims a lot and going for swimming when she gets time  


Sonam Kapoor followed an intensive diet to lose weight. Sonam Kapoor was completely cut off from his favorite chocolates, chips. It was difficult for her, but she was determined to lose weight.

Sonam Kapoors diet Includes

   - Her day begins with a glass of hot water instantly followed by a glass of hot water with honey and lemon.

   - For breakfast, it has a seasonal fruit, an omelet of egg white toast and hot water. When she's bored with what she poha, upma or idli

   - Whole wheat bread with egg white followed by a protein shake makes until his mid-morning snack
Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Workout And Diet

    -Lunch is Sonams heavier meal including grilled chicken, curd, fruit and seasonal vegetables with chapatis in bajra,Jwar.

    -She Guard still his light dinner with just a chicken sandwich with vegetables or a green salad.
   - Sonam Kapoor also takes multivitamins.