Workout Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger


Workout Quotes By ArnoldMy body is like
Breakfast,Lunch and dinner.
I don't think
About it,I just
have it.....

We all have great inner power,The power is self-faith.
There's really an attitude to wining.
You have to see Yourself winning before you win.
And you have to be hungry.
you have to want to conquer.....

Strength does not  come
from winning.
Your Struggles develop your Strengths....
When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender,that is strength...

The mind always fails first,
not the body. The secret is
to make your mind work for you
not against you....

For me life is continuously being hungry.
The meaning of life is not simply to exist,to survive
but to move ahead
to go up,to achieve,
to conquer...

Workout Quotes  Arnold Schwarzenegger
"The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else.
I hate that"

You can't climb the ladder of success
With your hands in yours pockets....

That last rep
is the difference between the
Great and the best...

A one hour workout
     IS 4 %
of your day
no excuses....

The best
Activities for your
Health are pumping
And humping....

Everybody pities the weak;
Jealousy you have to earn....

One of the Greatest
Experiences in life is
Achieving Personal Goals
That others said would be,
Impossible to ATTAIN....