Great Inspirational Workout Quotes


one workout away from a
Good mood...

Believe you can and
You are Halfway There...

Do it
Because They said
You couldn't...

Don't give up what
You want Most,
For what You want Now...

Believe in yourself
And all that you are.
Know that There is
Something inside you
than any OBSTACLE...

Don't be upset
By the results
You didn't get
with the work
You didn't do....

Don't wish for it
Work for it...

I don't find the time
to exercise,I make
the time to exercise.

i am not telling
you it is going to
be easy,i am
telling you it's
going to be
worth it...

Stop wishing for it.
Start working for it....

I hope one day
I'll be someone's

The hardest thing about
exercise is to start doing it.
Ones you are doing exercise
regularly,the hardest thing is to stop it....

Whether you
Think you can
or think you can't
you're right...

It does not matter if
The progress is slow
As lonng as you reach
your goal...

Do not reward
yourself with food,
You're not a Dog.....

Sometimes your heroes
And role models fail you,
thats why you must
Become your own.....

It never gets easier.
You just get better....

Discipline is doing
what you know to be done,
even though you don't want to....

Sweating while you shop
counts as Exercise....