Daniel Craig James Bond Body Workout And Diet


Birthday :- March 2, 1968 , Chester , Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name: - Daniel Wroughton Craig

Height : - 5 '10 "

Daniel Craig, one of the most famous faces of British theater waiting tables as a teenager difficulty actor the NYT , went on to star as " James Bond" in Casino Royale  Quantum of Solace  Skyfall ( 2012).

He was born Daniel Wroughton Craig March 2, 1968 , at 41 Liverpool Road, Chester , Cheshire , England.

His father, Tim Craig, was a merchant seaman has steel setter, then became the owner of " Ring O Bells " pub in Frodsham , Cheshire.


Daniel Craig  Body

WARM- UPS :- Warm-up exercises Daniel is in itself a huge task.He made a row as part of gearing up for his workouts .
A burning cardio is not the main objective of the Daniel Craig Workout, but the important thing to remember is the body must have enough cardio to warm up and cool down during weight training routine.

It is also important to have some cardio in the Daniel Craig Workout, because it balances the routine at a certain level .
You can remove about 20 minutes on the treadmill , the elevation angle every 5 minutes , and the speed increase after the first five minutes , and gradually returned to walking speed for the last minutes so that you can cool off .

UPPER BODY :- a workout routine Daniel Craig starts dumbbell lunges will do.
Then you can move on to the bench press , with other routines as a lateral raise and bicep curls .
You can do it through four rounds , up 1 rep each week , or you can do until you dropped.
However, you must do so alternately to give your muscles enough time to grow and develop .
You also need to get enough sleep so that you can see real results to the Daniel Craig Workout .

Daniel Craig James Bond Body

LOWER BODY :- Daniel Craig Workout uses a combination of leg extension and hamstring curls , these workout routines rely on body weight.
By performing the weight of your lower body, your muscles grow and you will , a figure larger lean your lower body as well as your upper body region.
Application of the Daniel Craig Workout should go  with a balanced diet that will prevent the three most common mistakes bodybuilding.


Craig's diet was strict but not intolerable. No refined after 2pm hours and after 5pm hours no starchy carbs. The weekend he was allowed to drink. Have cheat days can make a lot easier to follow diet .

Craig wanted to lose fat and gain muscle, where he followed a strict diet of salad , vegetables and nuts .
Sometimes he also had legumes , raw vegetables and fruits.
Apart from this , breads , baked goods , pasta and rice were a strict no . Although it is important to get carbs for energy , but extra carbs are not essential .
Several informants reported that Daniel Craig Diet demanded that Craig eat four to six meals a day.
While eating small regular meals is an important consideration in the plan, it was more likely that he had three meals and two snacks per day .
Post workout snacks were important. With high quality protein , Craig had a lot of fruits and vegetables, and of course as much as 2 liters of water for hydration.

Daniel Craig  Body Workout

Breakfast - two poached eggs with two slices of toast.
Snack - Fruit and nuts, or a protein shake
Lunch - fish or meat with a potato in the oven or a small portion of brown rice
Snack - yogurt with nuts, or a protein shake
Dinner - fish or meat and vegetables such as spinach or broccoli , or with a salad.