Will Smith Body Workout And Diet Plan


Will Smith
Birthday :- September 25, 1968 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name :- Willard Christopher Smith Jr.

Nickname :- Fresh Prince
                    Mr. July

Height :- 6 '2


Will smith was the second of four children of Caroline and Willard C Smith Sr.

He grew up in a middle class neighborhood in West Philadelphia called Wynnefield .

Will Smith Diet
Will attended the Overbrook High School located in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. He earned the nickname " Prince " because of the way he could charm his way out of trouble.

Brilliant student will also be signed with Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory high status and Demonstration School in Philadelphia.


In his workouts, it would also be 3-4 sets of about 10 repetitions per exercise and each set that he would try to increase the weight .
For a good starting point , I would like to know your 1 rep max you can do for each exercise and go with 60% to 10 % of the weight for each exercise .
You can work only 3-4 hours a week to build a body like Will Smith, but only the exercise is not important for a good body .

Will Smith Body

The workout Smith mix of cardio and strength training Will Smith cleared to descend to 6 percent body fat 180 pounds of pure muscle torn regime.
Personal trainer Darrell Foster Smith pushed through a cardio program that included a daily run of five miles which was conducted six days a week .
For departures would listen to audio books to keep his mind off the race. In addition to cardio , Will run a weightlifting routine five days a week where he formed two body parts per workout .

Will Smith Body Workout

Foster has designed a training program for the pyramid began with lighter weights and more repetitions and then gradually decreased weight and repetitions to stimulate muscle development actor.
His schedule weight associated muscle groups like ..
   -Back and chest ( upper body push / pull )
   -Quads and hamstrings (knee Dominant / Hip dominant )
   -Biceps and triceps
   -Shoulders and abs                                                                                            


His diet is a protein - rich high carbohydrate diet to maximize muscle repair .

As the price of metabolism Will Smith bent the extra muscle he wore, Foster gradually reduces the amount of food intake Smith was to motivate physical melt much more body fat .

He did not lower carbohydrates severely mainly because as an actor you want to have a selected amount of glucose in the store buying your lines.