Funny Bodybuilding Quotes For Everyone


Funny Bodybuilding Quotes
no !
I don't use
But thanks for asking

Your Warm up
Is my WORKOUT...

I really need
a day in Between
Saturday and Sunday...

I love the life of a
musician But I live
The Life of A

I don't always go to
But when i do,i make
Sure Everyone on
Facebook Knows about it...

Pull out Protein shake in public
He must be on Them Steroids..

I want to look good shirtless
But if i started lifting weights,i'll
Funny Bodybuilding Quotes For
Become big and look like monster...

"I lift for my Health"
Takes Steroids,
Does Not eat Fruits,
Vegetables,or do Cardio...

Sits down at a
Machine at the GYM
Last person was Weaker than me...

You are doing 14-18 reps why??
Put some of those LARGE round objects on the bar and all your dreams will be fulfilled.

HE said he wanted to go
I didn't know he meant
Online for Supplements...

Funny thing how you first meet the woman that you marry.
I first met the wife in a tunnel of love.
She was digging it.....

point to one bicep THUNDER!!
point to other bicep LIGHTNING!!
flex both arms STORM!!...

Knowing is not enough
We must apply
Willing is not enough
we must do....